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Are UV Lights Worth the Investment?

blue-uv-lightIt would be really easy for us to just say, “Yes!” and leave it at that. But you deserve more of an explanation than that. There are many things that can negatively impact your indoor air quality, and there are a number of systems that can help improve this situation.

The fact of the matter is, indoor air quality is a big concern just about any time of the year—in fact, your indoor air quality is actually worse than that of outdoors, especially without the right products in your home. And a UV air purifier is one of these products!

What Do Air Purifiers Do?

You probably already understand when you hear the term “air purifier,” that it is developed to clean the air circulating through the HVAC system of your home. Rather than using a fiber mesh to trap pollutants, as an air filter does, an air purifier draws particles from the air.

The most common types of air purification systems, that you’ve likely heard of before, are electronic and ionization air purifiers. They charge unwanted contaminants and draw them down into the system, where they can be cleaned off. However, this isn’t effective against all the contaminants that can enter your airstream—namely mold and mildew. For this, you need a UV air purifier.

UV lights is another name for a UV air purifier, and it is a set of lamps that send out low-frequency ultraviolet radiation, hence its name. This is the same type of radiation that comes from the sun. UV radiation is harmful to the cells of organic tissue, because it disrupts cellular functions, killing cells and making them incapable of reproduction.

“Wait, So Are UV Lights Dangerous?”

No! We understand this misconception, though—after all, UV radiation can be harmful to people and this is the reason we’re always advised to wear sunscreen and sunglasses when we’ll be outside on a sunny day. But the level of UV radiation present in this indoor air quality product will not create any health concerns for your household. In fact, you won’t even see the lights, since they’ll be installed and integrated directly into your ductwork.

But UV lights are powerful enough to kill microbes and other tiny organic pollutants moving through your air ducts. This means that any microorganisms that are within your ducts and can enter your airflow will be effectively eliminated.

Remember though, just like any other indoor air quality product, to work as it should yours should be installed by a trained and experienced professional. We’ll be able to make recommendations based on your home’s individual needs. You may find that you’ll benefit from a combination of indoor air quality solutions. You can trust our team of indoor air quality experts to set up your home with the right products to keep your family not only comfortable but healthy too!

At Comfort Incorporated, we’re more than just your typical HVAC company in Norman, OK. We provide exceptional indoor air quality products and services and we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable—call today, service today!

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