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Duct Testing and Sealing

Duct Testing and Sealing in Oklahoma City, OK

If you use a forced-air distribution system in order to distribute heat and cooling throughout your home, then you are one of the many Oklahoma City, OK homeowners who rely on effective and efficient air ducts to do their job properly. What you might not be aware of, however, is the quality that your air ducts are currently in.

Over the years, environmental factors can cause your ductwork to accumulate damages and leaks. Even something like construction or home remodeling can negatively affect your air ducts. Professional duct testing and sealing services from the experts at Comfort Incorporated are well worth your consideration. Contact us today to learn more!

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    The Importance of Professional Duct Testing

    Testing ducts is one of the many essential home energy solutions we offer to improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems and your home. We don’t expect you to know how to test ducts—in fact that’s nearly impossible for the average homeowner to do, considering how air ducts are mostly out of sight. As a result, leaky or damaged ductwork is often not an obvious problem.

    Our team is unique in that when our technicians come to professionally test your ductwork, we’ll use advanced technology to diagnose just what is going on with the air duct system and find inefficiencies that need improvement in order to work at its maximum capacity.

    How to test ducts? Here’s how we do it: we’ll use a calibrated fan to compare the fan’s pressurization to the actual pressure within the ducts to determine if a leak is occurring. If it is, then we’ll advise you on how best to remedy the problem: sometimes professional duct sealing is the answer while in more extreme cases duct repair or replacement could be required.

    Does Your Oklahoma City, OK Home Need Air Duct Sealing?

    As we’ve mentioned, visually inspecting your system for leaky ducts can be a challenge, given that air ducts are mostly hidden from view. There are, however, certain indicators you can keep an eye out for, such as the signs we’ve highlighted below.

    • A Spike in Your Utility Bills: Have you noticed a sudden, unexplainable increase in your heating or cooling bills? Leaky ducts allow air to escape your HVAC system before reaching the rooms they are intended to condition. This means that your system has to work harder to achieve and maintain your desired temperature, increasing your energy use and in turn, your energy bills.
    • Uneven Temperatures: Take a walk through your home and see if you notice any hot or cold spots throughout it. In addition to this you might also find that the air quality is declining as pollutants and contaminants make their way into your ductwork, only to be distributed throughout your Oklahoma City, OK home via those ducts instead of getting trapped by an air filtration system.

    How You Benefit from Professional Duct Sealing

    If after duct testing you discover that duct sealing is needed, it’s really best to trust a professional. Many enthusiastic "do–it–yourselfers" have tried to remedy this situation with a little bit of store–bought duct tape. Unfortunately, this material is not appropriately named, and should actually never be used to fix duct breaches of any kind.

    Rather, our professionals have access to, and the knowledge of how to apply, special mastic to the weak points throughout your air ducts. This mastic hardens and creates a durable seal to enable you to enjoy all the benefits of professional air duct sealing—including the increased efficiency and comfort you’ll now receive from your Oklahoma City, OK home comfort systems.