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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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    Energy Conservation

    Why Should My HVAC Systems Be Routinely Maintained?

    Regular tune-ups are essential to the operational ability and lifespan of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems. There are a number of advantages to investing in maintenance.

    • Boosts System Performance

    • Cuts down on High Energy Costs

    • Prolongs the Lifecycle of Your Equipment

    • Helps Eliminate Expensive and Costly Emergency Repairs

    • Maintains Manufacturer Warranty

    • Keeps Your Systems Safe and Healthful

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    Heating & Cooling

    How Do Heat Pumps Work?

    Heat pumps are ideal for climates such as ours, with hot summers and relatively mild winters compared to other parts of the country. This is because they work by transferring heat from one area to another rather than generating heat—so from inside to outdoors during the summer and from the outdoors to your home during the winter.

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    How Can We Ensure Our Furnace Is Safe and Operational?

    The first step to ensuring that your furnace is functioning as it should and doing so safely is to schedule a maintenance appointment before the heating season begins. However, if it’s not quite time for your heating tune-up, here are a few other steps you can take:

    • Inspect your unit to ensure that nothing flammable is stored next to it during periods of use or non-use.

    • Run your heater well before you need it to eliminate the chance that you’ll be stuck with an inoperable system on the first cold night that you need it.

    • Change your air filters regularly during periods of use—every 1 to 3 months is the recommendation.

    • Check your access panels to make sure they are secure, with screws properly in place.

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    What Are the Benefits of Using a Heat Pump?

    Oklahoma City, OK residents experience a relatively mild climate, and as a result can benefit greatly from a heat pump. Advantages of using this system include:

    • Enhanced humidity and temperature control.

    • Even temperatures throughout your living space.

    • Less energy usage overall.

    • Less dependence on fossil fuels and higher cost savings as a result.

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    What Is a Geothermal Heat Pump?

    This is a two-in-one heating and cooling system that pumps heat into or from the ground. It uses the steady, moderate temperature of the earth for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, lowering the costs of heating or cooling your Oklahoma City, OK home.

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    Home Comfort

    What Is Zoning?

    Zoning is the process of installing multiple dampers and subsequent thermostats throughout your ductwork—each assigned to a different room (zone). Each zone can be conditioned independently of the next, giving you and your family complete control over your comfort. Zoning gives you many options—for example you may want to just have zones with your upstairs and downstairs. Or, you may wish to establish a special zone for sleeping and living areas.

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    Can Zoning Really Improve My Comfort?

    A zone control system gives your entire family control over the various areas of your Oklahoma City, OK home without needing to adjust a single thermostat based on individual needs and preferences. You can even cool certain rooms in your home that are traditionally warmer—such as your kitchen—without placing extra strain on the HVAC systems.

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    Indoor Air Quality

    How Does Ductwork Affect HVAC System Performance?

    The system of ducts that snake their way through your attic or crawlspace play an important role in your heating and cooling systems, as well as your indoor air quality. Poor ductwork quality leads to uneven temperatures, inconsistent levels of comfort, and decreased air quality by introducing airborne contaminants into your living space.

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    Why Does My Furnace Smell Bad When I Turn It On? Should I Be Worried about Carbon Monoxide?

    When you first turn your furnace on for the season, it’s actually common to detect an odor from the dust that has collected on the heat exchanger over the summer. You’ll notice that smell for a few minutes as the furnace burns the dust off.

    Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless gas. While furnace smells that persist should never be ignored, a foul odor is never the sign of carbon monoxide. To reduce risks of this kind, you will want to equip your Oklahoma City, OK home with a quality carbon monoxide detector, and have your furnace maintained on a yearly basis.

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    Will a Programmable Thermostat Help Lower My Energy Costs?

    A programmable thermostat will grant you complete control and customization over your temperature settings—so that you can have the best comfort for your specific needs and lifestyle. When you no longer have to run your HVAC system excessively, the energy savings are significant.

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