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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK is known for its stifling heat in the summer, and bitterly cold temperatures in the winter. Therefore, it’s only natural that you want to find an HVAC system that will keep you comfortable all year long but will ultimately help you save energy—and money. That’s where a geothermal system from Comfort Incorporated comes in. We provide expert geothermal installation, repair and maintenance throughout the area and beyond.

A geothermal system enables you to harness the energy of the earth to keep your home warm throughout the winter, but keep you just as cool during the summer. Geothermal technology is incredibly effective and efficient, and is great for the environment too! Call us today to learn more, and discover how we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable.

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    How Geothermal Systems Operate

    When appropriately installed, your geothermal system will effectively function much like any other heat pump system. It avoids the consumption of fuel that other traditional home comfort systems rely on—instead using a heat transfer process enabled by the use of refrigerant. An underground loop system will be buried beneath your property, and this is where the magic happens.

    Heat is absorbed from beneath the earth, and a heat exchanger works to transfer that heat to the refrigerant within the heat pump. It is then used to heat your home. In the summer months, however, this process is reversed—the heat is transferred from within your home to the earth. To find out if a geothermal installation is right for your Oklahoma City, OK home, simply contact our team for details.

    Only Trust Professionals for Your Geothermal Installation

    Any type of HVAC installation—but especially a geothermal installation—is only going to be effective if it is completed by professionals who possess the skills and experience to do the job right. The drilling or excavation that’s required for a geothermal installation necessitates the hands of a qualified technician.

    There are also many assessments involved in a geothermal installation. Our professionals take a close look at the property surrounding your home to ensure not only your safety and protect the integrity of your property, but also to make sure local rules and regulations are being followed. The team at Comfort Incorporated has everything needed to complete this process professionally and accurately. We also provide quality geothermal replacement if any component of your system should fail.

    Superior Geothermal Repair and Maintenance Services

    The main reason many homeowners throughout Oklahoma City, OK choose a geothermal system to heat and cool their home is for its durability. When expertly installed, the components of this HVAC system can last a long time. However, even though they have only a few moving parts and are built to last, you may still occasionally need geothermal system repairs. When you do need this service, we are happy to assist.

    We offer comprehensive maintenance services too, to help you stay on top of any of these repair needs. Tackling geothermal repairs early could be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a huge, costly emergency or geothermal system breakdown. Plus, our maintenance plan members receive priority service, discounts on material and labor, and additional benefits. Reach out to us today to learn more!