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Don’t Let the End of Winter Be the End of Your Furnace

woman-covering-her-mouth-in-concernTemperatures are staying chilly for just a little bit longer, and then we’ll be able to turn off our furnaces and focus on our air conditioners instead. This means that if your furnace has any repair needs right now, they can just wait until the next time you need your furnace this fall, right? Wrong.

Delaying furnace repairs could mean the end of your furnace. It could also mean misdiagnosing something as a furnace problem when it’s actually a thermostat or ductwork issue—both of which will negatively impact your air conditioner as well. More on that below!

Watch for These Signs of Heating Repair Needs

As we mentioned above, sometimes what presents itself as a heating problem can actually be a problem with your thermostat settings or ductwork, or even just drafty doors and windows. For instance, if you notice cold spots in the house, it may be damaged ducts, a miscalibrated thermostat, or an aging front door that’s not lining up right with its doorframe correctly anymore.

These are all issues that will also impact your air conditioning efficiency, so they are certainly problems you’d want to tackle before spring begins. And then there are actual heating repair needs, signaled by the following symptoms:

  • Loud and/or Unfamiliar Noises: No matter how minor a sound may seem, if your heating system’s operation involves any sort of noise you’ve never heard before, it would serve you well to call in a pro. Things like mechanical banging or clanging could indicate a loose part, while hissing and clicking could indicate a cracked heat exchanger—a particularly dangerous problem! Even if you think the problem is minor, it’s worth giving our pros a call. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • A Spike in Your Energy Bills: It’s natural that this time of the year your energy bills are going to rise. However, we’re not talking about a natural rise, but a spike in energy costs that surpasses what you paid last year to heat your home. If you’ve been using your heater just about the same as you did last year but notice your utility bills are much more expensive, then you very likely have a system that isn’t working as efficiently as it once was and needs repair.
  • Short-Cycling: Short-cycling refers to a heating system that cycles on and off rapidly. This wears down on your heating system and can have a significant negative impact on the overall lifespan of the system. If it’s a newer heater having this problem, then it might not have been correctly sized for your home to begin with. If it’s an older system, though, then we absolutely encourage you to contact our pros as you may have a serious problem at hand.

Whatever you do, we don’t encourage you to just let your heating system sit in wait. This will reduce its lifespan and you may even find yourself facing a complete system breakdown before winter is even officially over. Please give our team a call if you notice any of the signs we mentioned above!

For expert furnace repair in Midwest City, OK, you needn’t wait nor look very far—contact Comfort Incorporated today!

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