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Commercial Geothermal

Commercial Geothermal Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Property owners turn to heat pump technology for different reasons. Many are interested in the great energy efficiency that these systems have to offer. Others are trying to keep their properties comfortable in a more eco-friendly manner. The ability to both heat and cool a property with just one system is also very enticing. In recent years, more and more commercial property owners have been turning not only to heat pump technology, but to ground-source heat pump systems.

These systems, commonly known as geothermal heat pumps, have a lot to offer. Their unique design makes them as reliable as it does efficient. As you’ll see below, however, a geothermal system is quite complex, and you need to work with experienced, qualified professionals if you want your system to suit your needs. Scheduling your commercial geothermal services in Oklahoma City, OK with Comfort Incorporated will ensure that this is the case.

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    What Sets Geothermal Apart?

    A traditional heat pump that most people think of when they hear the term is an air–source heat pump. This means that the heat pump exchanges heat with the air outside. During the summer, when temperatures soar, the heat pump acts like a central air conditioner. Heat is removed from the air as refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator coil. That heat is then vented outdoors.

    Heat pumps are able to reverse this operation. During winter, the heat pump draws heat out of the air outside, and uses that heat to warm the indoors as the refrigerant is condensed. The major difference between standard heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps, then, is that a geothermal heat pump exchanges heat with the ground.

    How It Works

    To use a commercial geothermal heat pump, you must have a geothermal loop installed on your property. Typically this loop is installed horizontally in coils. In certain instances, deep holes may be drilled out to allow for a vertical installation. Either way, the loop facilitates heat exchange with the ground.

    A few feet below the ground, the temperature tends to be consistent. That means you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations affecting the performance of your commercial geothermal system in Oklahoma City, OK. An antifreeze solution draws heat out of the ground in the winter, and that thermal energy is exchanged with refrigerant in the geothermal heat pump itself. From there, the process is pretty much the same as with an air source heat pump.

    In the summer, when you’re cooling your property, the heat from within the building is sunk into the ground. While people tend to focus on how efficiently heat pumps are at heating, sinking heat into the relatively cool earth during the summer is actually more efficient than venting it into the air. 

    Professionals Need to Install and Service a Commercial Geothermal System

    While the basic concepts of commercial geothermal heating and cooling as described above may sound fairly straightforward, the fact is that these systems are extremely complex and take real expertise for a successful installation. There is the loop installation to consider, along with the required excavation, the sizing of the system, design of ductwork, and so much more.

    If you want to guarantee your commercial geothermal heat pump is there for you throughout the year, schedule your installation or replacement with a member of our staff. You can also count on us for your routine commercial geothermal maintenance, and any repairs you may eventually need. In addition to great reliability and efficiency, these systems also last long when properly serviced. Call today with any questions.