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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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Oklahoma City, OK Furnace Services

For over 6 decades, the expertly trained and highly experienced HVAC technicians at Comfort Incorporated have been providing exceptional furnace services throughout the Oklahoma City, OK area and beyond. Our specialties include advanced diagnostic testing as well as efficiency testing to ensure that your heating system is working at its best. Of course, a furnace can only work as effectively as it should if it’s professionally installed to begin with.

Whether you are looking to have a gas furnace installed or have decided that an electric-powered system is a better choice for you, our professionals will make sure that your new unit fits your needs and is sized correctly to fit your home as well. In all that we do, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable. Contact us today to schedule furnace services in Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding area. We're the trusted choice for furnace installations, repair and maintenance.

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    Call Us for Furnace Installation Services

    There are many options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a new heating system for your home. If you’ve chosen a furnace over other heating options, you still have one more decision to make—gas or electric?

    • Gas Furnaces: This is the preferred option for many homeowners throughout Oklahoma City, OK. Gas is an affordable fuel, making it less expensive to run your furnace month–to–month than the electrically powered option.
    • Electric Furnaces: You should never discount the electric option, though. You might not have access to natural gas in your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t effectively and efficiently heat your home with a furnace. Additionally, although all modern furnaces are built with your safety in mind, gas leaks are still a very real concern and risk—one of which you don’t have to worry about with an electric furnace.

    At Comfort Incorporated we will help you to choose the furnace that is best for your home and your needs. We have years of experience and training to provide the highest quality of service in the Oklahoma City area. When you work with our heating technicians for furnace installation services you’ll receive the utmost in care and service. From sizing your new furnace to fit the requirements and size of your home, to providing clean, efficient installation we have you covered every step of the way. Call us today to request an estimate on furnace installation in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.

    Schedule Heating Maintenance in Oklahoma City

    Annual maintenance is an absolute must to ensure a fully functional and efficiently working furnace system. It’s during this visit that we will fully inspect and clean your heating system. We’ll make any adjustments necessary, as well as recommendations for repairs—and when repairs are needed we have the tools and experience needed to get to the root of the problem to give you the peace of mind that it’s fully resolved.

    When you become a Comfort Club maintenance client, you’ll receive priority service, discounts on material and repairs, air duct sanitization, and air filters for life! You can also rely on a lifetime labor warranty on repairs by upgrading your plan, and can earn credit toward the purchase of a new system.

    Advanced Diagnostic Testing for Furnace Repairs in Oklahoma City

    If you’ve ever had something wrong with your car, then you may have taken it into an auto shop to have the problem diagnosed. Today’s technology allows mechanics to accurately pinpoint what the issue is to resolve the problem at its core—and our technology is similar.

    We’ve invested in tools that allow us to quickly find the root source of any issue, and also enable us to fine–tune your furnace by testing the oxygen within the flue and making sure it’s performing at maximum efficiency. With the efficiency tests we perform, we can get your furnace to work as efficiently as it should to save energy—and subsequently save you money.

    If you’ve noticed a decline in the performance of your furnace, or if it’s stopped working completely, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. The earlier we are able to provide furnace repairs, the less likely it is that further damage will occur. Call our team today to schedule furnace repair in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.