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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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Energy Audits

Energy Audits in Oklahoma City, OK

Whether you live in a historic Oklahoma City, OK home that’s suffering from air drafts, or a newer home that’s just not up to par when it comes to home comfort, an energy audit is well worth your consideration. It’s truly the only way to have your whole house checked for efficiency all at once, instead of just waiting for various maintenance appointments for one component at a time.

This service is one of our exclusive specialties: with advanced diagnostic processes and a comprehensive home performance inspection, we can ensure that each of the systems of your home are performing as they should, effectively and efficiently. Contact Comfort Incorporated today to learn more about these audits and how we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable in every service we provide.

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    What Is a Home Energy Audit?

    In order to check your Oklahoma City, OK home energy efficiency, our professionally trained and highly experienced technicians conduct a series of tests—most notably the blower door test. A blower door is a component that fits completely over the opening of your home’s front door. A fan within the component lowers the air pressure throughout the house and enables our auditors to quickly pinpoint locations in which air is able to flow back through leaks into the home.

    Infrared camera inspections are another method we use. This helps us to understand how well—or inefficiently—your house is insulated. The scanner from this camera picks up temperature fluctuations that allow us to locate areas of energy loss in places that might otherwise escape attention.

    Is This Service Really Necessary?

    It doesn’t matter how old your home is—you should know whether it’s providing you with fully efficient comfort and if you are saving as much energy (and money, subsequently) as possible. Older homes might not have been kept up over years of remodels and renovations. Appliances may not have been upgraded or they may have been installed or sized incorrectly, which doesn’t allow for efficient service.

    Even newer homes may need an energy audit. Perhaps you’ve made purchases to improve your home’s efficiency such as double–paned windows or the highest efficiency HVAC system. This won’t mean much, however, if you have significant air leaks in your attic that you aren’t even aware of or insufficient insulation throughout your living space. An energy audit takes your whole home into consideration rather than just a few components here or there.  

    Thorough Energy Recovery Processes

    In addition to the above mentioned tests, our energy auditors will dutifully provide a thorough visual inspection of your Oklahoma City, OK home, checking for inefficient appliances and other locations in your home where there is an opportunity for energy recovery.

    Once our professionals have conducted a comprehensive home energy audit, we’ll provide you with a full assessment of areas that need improvement, and recommendations on how to make those energy–efficient developments. Contact us today to learn more about this important home energy service and to schedule your next home energy audit!