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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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Duct Repair and Replacement

Duct Repair and Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK

Have you thought about the ductwork snaking its way through your Oklahoma City, OK attic any time recently? Chances are you don’t give the ducts much consideration at all, but you will notice if your heating or cooling system stops working as efficiently as it once did—which is likely to happen if your air ducts are in need of repair or replacement!

Fortunately, you have the team of professionals at Comfort Incorporated to ensure that your ductwork is in good condition at all times. In addition to providing repairs if your ductwork is torn or connections are loose, we also replace ductwork components or your entire ductwork system if need be. Contact us today to learn about these home energy services and how they can help improve the efficiency of your home!

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    How Important Are Your Air Ducts?

    Your air duct system is like a circulatory system for your HVAC systems and your home. When in good condition, your ductwork removes warm or cold indoor air, conditions it, and then returns it to keep your home and your family comfortable. However, over the years this system accumulates a good amount of natural wear and tear.

    When your air ducts are damaged, they can’t be expected to maintain appropriate temperature. Ductwork damage can occur due to a number of reasons, including faulty installation from the start and even rodents in your attic. You should not have to sacrifice the comfort within your Oklahoma City, OK home for any reason, and our duct repair and replacement services can ensure that is not the case.

    Does Your Ductwork Need Repair?

    Do your ducts have holes? Even though you cannot always visually inspect your ductwork, you can listen for a whistling sound or unusual noises coming from your ductwork. This is a common indication of a hole that is enabling conditioned air to escape through your ducts. It could also mean that fumes and contaminants are entering your clean air system. Listen for anything odd while your HVAC system is running, and if anything seems questionable be sure to contact our team of professionals.

    Loose connections are another common reason for duct repair services. This can occur if your ductwork wasn’t professionally installed, or even due to duct age. Unfortunately, loose connections can lead to severe operational problems for your HVAC system. If you hear banging, rattling, or any other noise that sounds like something is loose when your systems are running, then you may have ducts in need of repair.

    Is Air Duct Replacement a Better Option?

    To the average Oklahoma City, OK homeowner, it may not be easy to decide if your air ducts need repair, or a partial or full replacement is necessary. There are a variety of ways to go about solving a problem, and sometimes the answer simply depends on what your budget and your home comfort needs are.

    In general, we recommend that if you’re constantly paying for duct repairs, or your ductwork is so damaged that it likely wouldn’t be able to withstand another repair, then replacement is the better option. This doesn’t mean you have to wait until that point to replace your ductwork though. If you’re looking to improve your home’s efficiency and have an older HVAC system, then you may choose to replace your ducts regardless.