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Heater Repair Needs to Watch Out for This Winter

technician working on the inside of a furnaceThere are not many appliance issues that are more disheartening than that of a broken down furnace in the middle of winter! When you live where we do, it’s essential to have a fully functional and efficient furnace in your home. To achieve, this, you first want to make sure you schedule routine maintenance, once a year.

Next, you want to make sure you keep up on any needs for furnace repair in Oklahoma City, OK that may arise. Two of the most common repair calls we receive are in regards to a heating system that will not start, or one that won’t stop running. Read on to learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes in your furnace to cause either of these issues.

Why a Furnace Won’t Turn On

There are a few potential reasons this could be happening with your furnace, some being more serious problems than others. One possible scenario is that you don’t have a furnace problem at all, but rather an issue with your thermostat.

Check the thermostat to ensure that it is in the right mode (heating mode), and then check to make sure that there isn’t a problem with the wires that connect the furnace to the thermostat (before you do this, ensure the circuit breaker to the system is off first, for safety reasons).

A lack of electrical power could also be the reason your furnace isn’t starting up. You may have a tripped circuit breaker, or there might even be a power outage in your neighborhood. For gas powered systems, perhaps your pilot light is out.

In the absence of any of these mentioned problems, you may have a more serious issue on hand. Hopefully you had maintenance done before the season began, as we mentioned above. If this is the case you probably don’t have much to worry about. Either way, the next step is to call in a pro, right away.

But What If It Won’t Turn Off?

So let’s say your furnace won’t turn off. Again, this could be a thermostat issue. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, then it might not be able to accurately signal to the furnace that your desired temperature is being met, and it’s time to shut off.

Another possible problem may be that you have the temperature set too high, or your furnace’s air filter is too dirty. Either of these issues could prevent your furnace from shutting off, because it’s working to meet your desired temperature when it cannot. If checking your temperature setting and air filter doesn’t do the trick, then it’s time to reach out to our team.

Keeping Up On Maintenance

Yes, we’re mentioning this again, but it is just that important. The costliest of furnace repairs can almost always be avoided by keeping up on annual maintenance appointments. During your heating maintenance appointment, our HVAC technicians fully inspect and clean your furnace, making necessary adjustments and recommendations for repairs as we go. As long as you are getting this service done annually, you should be able to keep your furnace in good working order for as long as possible.

At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable–call today, service today!

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