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Some End-of-Season AC Tips

two outside units of an air conditioning systemAs fall progresses on and temperatures begin to cool down, we’ve begun to turn our attention to our heaters. Hopefully, you’ve already scheduled maintenance for your heating system to ensure it’s ready for the coming season. But, it’s not quite yet time to completely ignore your air conditioner. When you think about all the work it went through this past summer, it’s likely accumulated some wear and tear!

At this time of year, your air conditioner can face issues with system malfunctions, or could even be performing inefficiently as you use it these last couple of weeks. We have some advice to share that can assist your cooling system in getting through whatever warm weather we have left. Keep reading to learn more, and reach out to our team for professional Moore, OK air conditioning repair if you find that you need it!

How’s Your Air Filter Looking?

Your HVAC air filter, which is often shared by your furnace and your air conditioner, is vitally important to the efficient use of your cooling system. When it becomes dirty or too clogged, it can severely impact the inside components of that system. And even though it gets changed during maintenance, it needs to be changed or cleaned far more often than that.

The stronger your air filter is, the less it will need to be changed out. However, if you didn’t change it all summer long, now is the time to do so! A clean air filter will keep your cooling costs low and prevent any extra stress on your AC motors that could lead to premature system shutdowns or tripped circuit breakers.

Is The Outdoor Unit Clear of Debris?

Take a look at the outside cabinet of your cooling system. Is there anything collecting there? Perhaps you have branches or leaves gathering around it, maybe even lawn mulch. If this is the case, it can restrict heat release, and system efficiency will drop.

Another type of debris to watch out for around your system is rocks, or pebbles. This can create the potential for damage to components if they make their way inside the cabinet. Keep the area around your AC cabinet clear for about a foot. You might even want to wash down the cabinet exterior, too.

Check Your System’s Thermostat

This is another component often shared by your air conditioner and furnace. Proper control of this component is vital to controlling your HVAC costs. When it comes to cooling mode, we suggest aiming for a setting of 78°F to boost system efficiency and save on your energy costs. However, if your thermostat isn’t working as it should, then it won’t matter where you set your thermostat. The AC system will operate at the wrong time, and waste your valuable energy.

Now is the time to ensure that your thermostat has fresh batteries, and that the programming is correct on it—your AC should be responding to it as intended. If it is not, then you may either need to repair or replace the thermostat, or have your air conditioner inspected. The best way to go about checking this is to call in one of our professionals to take a look!

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