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AC Troubles: Is It Time to Repair or Replace?

ac-repair-replaceWith temperatures still on the mild side, now is the perfect time to assess how well your air conditioner is working and whether or not it’s ready for the warmer weather ahead. If you do indeed decide it’s time for a replacement, now is a great time to look at your various options and consider if you want to upgrade your current system or switch to a different type of air conditioner.

We understand how big of a decision this is. For the average homeowner, the purchase of a new cooling system is a major investment, and you’ll want to make sure you get the best return on that investment, especially considering how much you’ve likely spend on repairs for your aging cooling system already. Keep reading to learn more about when to opt out on repairs and instead invest in an Edmond, OK air conditioning replacement.

Determining When Replacement is the Best Option

Many homeowners believe that they should just run their air conditioners into the ground, letting them break down entirely before investing in a new system. What these people often learn, however, is that a malfunctioning air conditioner is most likely to do that just when they need it the most.

It’s logical that a struggling air conditioner will finally give out when it’s working its hardest. That’s why we recommend a more proactive approach. If you’re beginning to question the future of your cooling system, consider the following.

The System’s Age: This is a big one, though people may argue on what qualifies as an “old” air conditioner. The general rule is that anything over the age of 10 is a system that’s ready to be replaced. However, it’s best in this case to refer to the manufacturer’s guide that came with your air conditioner to determine the estimated lifespan of your particular system. Age should certainly be taken into account if you’re facing a large repair and are unsure if it would be more economically beneficial to purchase a new cooling system all together.

System Efficiency: If you are paying more than you used to in order to cool your home, despite comparable use to last year as well as comparable use to your neighbors, then investing in a newer and more efficient AC system is a great way to save money in the long run. Older cooling systems will often become less efficient as they age, it might have even been manufactured with efficiency expectations lower than what the standard is today. Long term system efficiency is almost always worth the initial investment of a cooling system.

Your Home Comfort and Satisfaction: The most important thing to ask yourself when making a decision like this is, are you completely satisfied with the overall performance of your home cooling system? If you aren’t, and it’s an older system, you certainly have enough cause for replacing it. It might seem unnecessary to replace a functional air conditioner just because it’s not meeting your needs, however you will almost always benefit from a higher-efficiency, professionally installed air conditioner regardless.

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