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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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How to Increase Your Personal Home Comfort

improve-home-comfortWith how much you spend on energy costs to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer, we understand how important it is to ensure that you are always comfortable in your home. And this has to do with a lot more than simply the temperature of your indoor air (although that certainly plays a role). There are a number of things you can do to improve your home’s comfort levels, no matter the season.

Air Seal and Insulate

There are a number of homes in our area that can benefit from additional air sealing to keep them comfortable—and your household may be one of them. Air sealing takes the strain off of your HVAC system and improves energy efficiency to save you money.

And then when it comes to insulation—were you aware that about 40% of your energy can be lost through the attic? Insulation helps keep heat in during the winter, and helps keep it out during the summer, so neither your AC or your heater have to work too hard to do their jobs.

Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling Systems

HVAC systems of today are much more energy efficient than those of even a decade or so ago. Not only that, but even well-maintained HVAC system typically only last about 10-15 years anyway. If your system is aging, and/or you consistently have to have repairs made, it’s time to consider a replacement. And replacing the system will increase your energy efficiency, and thus your comfort.

Get the Right Indoor Air Quality Systems in Place

Do any members of your household suffer from allergies or asthma? Even the healthiest person can become ill from the accumulation of allergens, dust, debris, and other contaminants in the air—and your indoor air can actually be of worse quality that outdoor air without the right air filtration system in place.

Don’t forget your ductwork either. It’s cool and damp—the perfect environment for mold growth. A UV air purifier helps eliminate this harmful microorganism before it gets exposed to your home through the air, therefore keeping you and the members of your family healthy.

DIY Tricks

We don’t recommend “do-it-yourself” projects when it comes to handling the maintenance or repair of your HVAC systems, mostly for safety reasons. There are, however, plenty of smaller tasks you can complete around your home to improve your comfort.

For instance, weather-stripping and/or caulking all areas of noticeable leaks around windows and doors is a good idea, as well as installing thermal coverings on windows to prevent radiant heat gain during the summer. It’s also a good idea to install drapes—heavy drapes can benefit you in the winter too, keeping the heat in.

Talk To Our Professionals Today

There are many ways in which to improve your indoor air quality, and the comfort of your home. We do recommend discussing this with a professional, as we’ll be able to advise you in such a way that you can make an educated decision on a solution, or a number of solutions, that works for your entire household and budget.

Whether you’re looking for quality home energy solutions in Mustang, OK, or need to schedule a new air conditioner installation, Comfort Incorporated keeps your family safe, healthy and comfortable—contact us today for service today!

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