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Why Insulation Matters Year-Round

attic-with-cellulose-insulationHave you ever set foot in a historical building or even an older home that hasn’t been updated in quite some time, and noticed that it’s just as cold, or hot, as it is outside? This is because homes weren’t always built with proper insulation. In fact, the use of insulation in homebuilding hasn’t even been around that long, but it certainly makes a difference in your comfort—maybe even more than you realize.

We’re here to tell you how big of an impact your insulation can actually have in providing you comfort, no matter what time of the year it is. If you ever think your home could be more comfortable or your HVAC systems should work more efficiently, please give us a call—our insulation services might be just what you need.

The Importance of Quality Insulation

When most people think of the insulation in their property, if they think about it at all, they probably think of the “pink fluffy stuff” (fiberglass insulation) that keeps their homes warm in the wintertime. This is only part of the truth though.

Your insulation plays a large role in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, as it slows down heat transfer between the interior of your home and the outdoor elements. So it keeps the heat in during the winter and prevents heat from entering in the summer by creating what’s known as a thermal barrier.

There are also a number of different types of insulation, not just that fluffy pink stuff. Please reach out to our team to learn about your options! There are safer and more eco-friendly materials on the market today to use as insulation.

Does Your Insulation Need Help?

As we alluded to, your home’s insulation has a big impact on your home comfort. So if that insulation is degrading, gets wet, or you never had enough insulation to begin with, that comfort can suffer. Poor insulation needs to be replaced or repaired sooner than later. You can tell your insulation might need help if:

  • Your HVAC Systems Are Running Longer: Have you noticed that your HVAC systems seem to be running longer to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat? While this might be an internal problem with the system itself, another possibility is your home is struggling to prevent heat transfer.
  • Your Energy Bills Are Too High: If your energy bills are considerably higher than they were this same time last year, or higher than what your neighbors are paying for similar HVAC use, it’s a sign that something is causing HVAC inefficiency, and the insulation could very well be to blame.
  • Uneven Cooling or Heating: Is your air conditioner, or furnace, working but struggling to consistently condition your home the way it used to? If so, it might be that you have insulation that got damaged or is degrading in part of your home.

If you notice anything that seems off about your home comfort, the best thing you can do is give our team a call.

To learn more about your options for insulation in Oklahoma City, contact the home performance experts at Comfort Incorporated today!

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