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You’ve Scheduled Heating Maintenance, Now What?

animated-checklistLiving somewhere like Oklahoma means we deal with seriously chilly temperatures during the winter. If you want your heater to do its job to keep you and your household comfortable all season long, then it is essential that you schedule regular heating maintenance with a trusted HVAC contractor, like our team! Maintenance tune-ups are a more involved process than most homeowners realize, and it’s not something we recommend you attempt on your own.

That said, there are certainly some basic maintenance tasks you can conduct on your own. For example, you should replace your HVAC air filter every 1–3 months, and every year before you need your furnace, boiler, or heat pump, you should make sure that the system itself is unobstructed. This is just the tip of the iceberg though when it comes to heating system care. If you’ve come across this blog post, it likely means you’ve already scheduled heating maintenance. But what now? What actually happens during this service appointment? Read on to find out!

What Professional Heating Maintenance Looks Like

Yes, checking the air filter is a step of maintenance—but this is such a small part of what helps your heater work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our professionals will lubricate all the moving parts of your heater, we’ll test all the system controls, including the thermostat, for proper functionality, and we will ensure that all electrical connections are tightened up. We’ll also look at the voltage and amperage of your system to make sure it’s safe, and we’ll assess the cleanliness of the system too.

This all leads not only to improved comfort, but to a safer heater too. That’s not to say that heating systems are dangerous, per se. But any system that uses natural gas or even electricity has the potential to become dangerous if not properly cared for. Maintenance will provide you with heating reliability and improved performance.

Still Unsure If You Actually Need Maintenance?

We understand: it can be hard to shell out cash for a service that doesn’t seem necessary right now. But when you think about what maintenance will do for your system, it’s easy to see that it’s well worth it. Annual maintenance for your furnace or boiler (or biannual, if you have a heat pump) will help fend off repair needs and a premature replacement. In fact, maintenance can help you completely avoid up to 85% of the repairs a heater may ever need in its lifespan.

Look, your system simply won’t operate as efficiently as it is meant to without being well-maintained. It also won’t be as reliable, and will require costly repairs that can crop up at literally any time. Plus, most manufacturer warranties are null and void if you skip out on annual heating maintenance. This means if a manufacturer defect occurs over the life of your system but you’ve never had it professionally cared for, you’ll be financially liable to get it fixed or replaced, rather than the manufacturer being responsible.

Why trust our team for HVAC maintenance in Midwest City, OK? At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable—call today, service today!

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