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Is Your HVAC Contractor a True Professional?

HVAC technician in hard hat working on AC unitAs we transition from winter to spring, now is the time to call for pertinent Oklahoma City, OK HVAC services, such as late-season heating repairs and air conditioning maintenance to ensure that your cooling system is ready to handle the warmer weather right around the corner. Of course, we recommend that you only count on a professional for these services, as anything less could leave you with an inefficient and potentially even inoperable HVAC system.

But, do you know what to look for when it comes to hiring a professional HVAC contractor?


Too many homeowners think they can just call in any handyman off the street that has a little bit of experience with mechanical and/or electrical devices to service their HVAC systems. However, this is likely to end in frustration, higher costs than necessary, and in many cases a more damaged system than you started with.

For your convenience and for your safety, you want to ensure that the professional you hire has specific training and experience with HVAC services in your local area.

A Physical Location

Speaking of your local area, is the HVAC contractor you hire licensed to work in your area? Are they NATE certified? Are they actually a business? Check to see that their company has a physical location. This is a good sign that they have a history in your community and are from a reputable company.

A Good Reputation

What are other people saying about your HVAC contractor? Do they have a good track record? If customer reviews are nonexistent or they reflect poorly on the company, then you might want to reconsider who you’re working with. A lot can be said for word-of-mouth. If your neighbors trust a company and have good things to say, then chances are that you’ll be satisfied too!

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