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When Should You Call for Heater Repairs?

jets-of-a-furnace-firingAre you concerned that your heater could break down any minute? If you don’t know the signs that your heater is in disrepair, perhaps you should be worried. It’s never fun to need to call for heater repairs, but it’s even worse if your heater has broken down completely, calling for an emergency repair or premature replacement that could cost you even more.

Expert HVAC technicians will tell you it’s important to repair your heating system as early as possible to avoid sudden system breakdowns later on, plus higher repair costs. Additionally, the sooner your repair your heater, the lower your monthly bills can be, and the longer your system will last. Check out the following signs that indicate you have a heater in need of repair.

You Hear Odd Noises from the Cabinet or Vents

What sometimes makes it hard to detect heating system problems is that it can be easy to ignore issues that aren’t really “getting in the way” of your comfort. A strange sound from the cabinet of your furnace may be something that’s not really a bother, particularly since you don’t hang out in the area of your furnace all day long.

But this can be the sign of a major problem. A buzzing noise can indicate that something electrical is going on, while a screech may signal a worn-out belt that could break at any moment. A pop or a bang could even be dangerous, potentially damaging the heat exchanger.

You Spend Too Much to Heat Your Home

You shouldn’t be surprised when your heating bills go up in the winter—after all, your heater is running for longer this time of the year. However, if you find yourself spending far more than you did last year around the same time, you should suspect a heater problem. It’s likely that you’ll also notice your heater is running in longer cycles than usual, which is something that should be checked out right away.

You Just Can’t Get Warm Enough

Does it seem like no matter how high you turn up the thermostat, it’s still not warm enough? Then, you have a problem. And chances are, this problem has nothing to do with your actual thermostat. Your heating system may be running nonstop, trying to meet your preferred settings, and this causes components to wear down quickly. This means you’ll likely need to replace the system sooner than later. It’s important to call the pros right away.

You Notice Brief, Sporadic Cycling (Short-Cycling)

Short-cycling is never something to ignore. When your AC or furnace system short-cycles, it’s not running long enough to complete a full cooling or heating cycle, and it’s using too much energy each time it has to stop and start again.

The Pilot Light is Yellow

“Wait, it’s not supposed to be this color?”

No, not if you want your furnace to operate safely. The light at the burner should always be blue, otherwise, there may be substances present on the burners that are interfering with operation and safety, such as rust buildup. Shut off your heater if you notice flame discoloration, and be sure to call in our pros ASAP.

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