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Is It Too Early for a Heater Tune-Up?

technician-looking-over-furnaceIf the weather this past week was any indication, even though the official start of fall is here, our temperatures are still trending on the high side. So it may seem silly, perhaps even absurd, to already be talking about our heating systems.

Here’s the thing though–when temperatures do cool down and you need your heater, you’re going to want it to actually run, and to do so efficiently and effectively as possible. One way to help ensure this is the case is by scheduling routine heating maintenance. So, no, it’s not too early to think about a heater tune-up. Read on to learn why!

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

The reason we typically recommend fall as the best time to schedule your heating maintenance is because it’s before you actually need your heating system on a regular basis. It’s also the time of year when technicians are less busy with emergency calls and AC or heating repairs.

But consistency matters above all else. So long as you’re getting your heater maintained on an annual basis–no matter the time of year–you can count on a number of benefits, including:

A Safer Home

Gas-powered heating systems are not inherently dangerous. In fact, today’s systems are built with a number of safety features that make them even less hazardous than heating systems from just a decade or two ago.

Still, any appliance that uses natural gas to function is going to present a risk, even if it’s small. The good news: this is something our professionals check during maintenance. We look for repair needs that can decrease the safety of using your heater and recommend repairs from there.

Better Energy Efficiency

No matter what type of heating system you use in your home, it will start to lose energy efficiency the longer it goes without maintenance. With maintenance, a heater can retain up to 95% of its efficiency when you purchased the system throughout its lifespan.

Tune-ups help to keep heating systems at their peak efficiency to lower costs without sacrificing comfort.

Fewer Repair Needs

Did you know that around 85% of the repairs that an HVAC system might need in its lifespan can be prevented with proper maintenance? This saves you hassles and money on repair costs.

Longer Equipment Life

Why would you want to replace your heater years before it is actually time to do so? This is expensive and inconvenient, right? Yet, it’s what you can be stuck doing if you skip maintenance. A system that isn’t well cared for is likely to break down years earlier than it would have otherwise.

Ask About Our Maintenance Program!

We have two plan options, the Utlimate Plan or the Value Plan. Becoming a member of either affords you a number of benefits, such as no overtime fees or diagnostic fees, and discounts on repairs. Be sure to reach out to our team to learn more!

Contact our team for quality Oklahoma City heating maintenance! At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable–call today, service today!

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