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Tips to Improve Your Heating Efficiency This Winter

cute dog under the warm grey blanketIf you’re like most of the population, particularly in cold-weather states, you’d probably like to spend as little as possible on your monthly heating bills. When it comes to saving on an important necessity such as this, you might not know where to start. After all, most of your heating system is hidden out of sight, with your heater cabinet located just out of view, and the ductwork in your ceiling, walls, and crawlspaces.

Due to this, you might not realize that the following factors can impact the efficiency with which your heating system runs, and your bills as a result. We hope the following tips will help you make small changes that can make a huge difference in your Moore, OK heating efficiency this winter.

Have Your Heater Professionally Installed

This is the most important part of maintaining proper heating efficiency. If your heater is not properly installed (and not properly sized, as a result) then it will not have any chance of running efficiently. This is true for heaters that are too small, naturally, but also those that are too big.

It’s easy to understand why a heating system that’s too small for its space cannot adequately heat that space, as it will need to run constantly to keep temperatures up, thus raising your bills. But if you go too large, you could have just as disconcerting problems. The heater will run for brief cycles and turn on too frequently—a process known as short-cycling—and as a result, wear down components and require too much energy from your heater to function.

Know and Improve Your Ductwork’s Condition

Your heating system’s air ducts play a vital role in how efficiently a heating system can work. Poor sealing, breaches in the ductwork, and poorly installed ductwork can let heat out of the system and into unused portions of your home, such as the crawlspace (or wherever your ductwork runs).

If you’re having trouble feeling comfortable in one part of your home, the ductwork can certainly be the culprit. However, you’re still paying for the same amount of heating.

Use Your Thermostat Correctly

Turning the temperature up just a couple of degrees more than you actually need can result in a big waste of energy and fuel. We understand the temptation to come home from work on a chilly day and turn the thermostat up as high as it can go, but in the long run, this will do more harm than good for your system, as it causes it to use more energy that is actually necessary.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Next to professional installation and repairs, maintenance is the ideal way to make sure your heating system works as well as it can for as long as it can. During maintenance, our technicians comprehensively inspect the system, checking for any components that need adjusting. We also thoroughly clean the system out to make sure it works efficiently.

Lastly, we’ll make recommendations for any repairs you may need so that you can schedule them at your earliest convenience, versus just waiting it out and potentially having a heating emergency later on down the line.

At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable–call today, service today!

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