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Is It Too Early for Heating Maintenance?

white question mark on blue backgroundThe short answer to this is, “no, never.” Temperatures are cooling down significantly, and it’s just about time to shut off our air conditioners for the season. That also means that, yes, it’s time for this very important HVAC service!

If you haven’t already scheduled yours, now is the time. It is essential to have a fully functional, efficient, and effective heating system in place to get through the chilly winters we have here. And it’s just as important that when you look for an HVAC contractor in Oklahoma City, you seek out a professional who is highly trained and experienced with such a job. Having professional maintenance done on your heater every fall will benefit you in a number of ways, including the following:

Maintenance Prevents Breakdowns

This is one of the top reasons to invest in heating maintenance. It reduces the risk of your heater failing on you during one of the coldest days of the year. The strain that your heater endures during this time of the year can cause it to stop working, abruptly, if it’s overdue for a maintenance session.

Yes, you can call for repairs (and our team will be there as quickly as possible) but when you’re in the dead of winter, calling for repairs and waiting for those repairs can be a pretty big inconvenience, and one that you might have avoided with a tune-up. Getting routine maintenance from a pro, however, eliminates this concern, and provides you with a peace of mind.

Smaller repairs don’t need to get you down, either. It’s estimated that approximately 85% of the repairs that any heating system needs through its service life can be preventable, thanks to annual heater inspections. That’s because these inspections help our technicians locate places where problems can crop up later.

Maintenance Saves Energy

The average heating system, when properly maintained, will save you about 25% on your heating bills, in comparison to one that misses its routing maintenance tune-up. The adjustments and thorough cleaning that happens during maintenance relieve stress on the internal components of the systems, so it can live up to its energy efficiency rating. This keeps you from spending more on winter comfort than you should have to.

Maintenance Helps Your Heater Last Longer

Customers often ask what the most expensive repair need their heater may have throughout its lifespan. Well, it’s not a repair at all—it’s a full system replacement! The last thing you need is to be forced into a premature heating system replacement years before you were planning on it.

A professional tune-up is your best defense against this. A heater that never undergoes professional maintenance will likely only last about half of its manufacturer-given expected lifespan.

Maintenance Keeps You Safe

Is your heater a gas-powered furnace? Then this is one of the most important tips you can take under consideration. Furnaces are not inherently dangerous systems, so you don’t need to worry about that if you were thinking of getting one.

Without the care and attention from experienced and licensed HVAC professionals, however, gas-powered heaters can become dangerous. That is because corrosion and wear and tear lead to cracked heat exchangers, which lets dangerous carbon monoxide gas into your home, where it can make you and your family sick, or worse.

For the sake of your household, it’s important that you never miss a maintenance appointment for your gas heating system.

At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable–call today, service today!

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