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Are You Buying into These Common Furnace Myths?

white question mark on a blue backgroundThe internet is undoubtedly one of the most valuable resources we have in modern life. However, it can create a bit of chaos, too, in the sense that we are often presented with so many answers to a single question that they outright contradict each other at times. There is no exception for people who search online to find out what’s wrong with their HVAC systems. And unfortunately, this can lead to some misconceptions about that system and how it works.

When it comes down to it, when you need reliable Midwest City, OK furnace repair, the best thing you can do is contact a highly trained and experienced HVAC professional, such as a member of our staff. In the meantime though, we’d love to help bust some common furnace myths so that you can not only potentially avoid furnace repairs, but know when furnace services are necessary.

Myth #1: Your Furnace Filter Only Needs Changing Once a Year

There’s a common belief that the only time a furnace air filter needs changing is during your annual furnace maintenance appointment. But that filter is a vital part of protecting the interior components of your heater from becoming dusty and damaged.

An additional related myth is that the air filter is only there to protect your indoor air quality. However, that air filer rapidly becomes clogged up with debris, and as a result needs to be changed on a regular basis. Generally speaking, you should change your furnace’s air filter every 4-6 weeks during heavy periods of use.

Otherwise, your furnace can certainly suffer from a drop in efficiency, resulting in other serious problems like short-cycling and frozen evaporator coils. It’s a good idea to do a quick visual check of your air filter every few weeks to see if it is time to change it.

Myth #2: Closing Vents in Unoccupied Rooms Will Save Energy

We understand why you would think this—if there’s no heated air going to a particular room, it must mean your HVAC system is being put under less strain, right? This actually is the opposite of what goes on in this scenario, though! Believing and following this myth can damage your ventilation systems.

The blower fan in your furnace doesn’t work any less when there are closed vents, but it will increase pressure within the ductwork. The heightened pressure will lead to the blower fan running for longer, which wastes energy rather than saving it. Additionally, the pressure spike can cause air leaks in the ducts that can lead to major repairs in your ventilation system.

Myth #3: Maintenance Is Not Necessary for All Systems

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that maintenance is something that’s just a luxury—that it’s not something all furnaces need. This just isn’t true, though. No matter how much or little you actually use your furnace in the winter, it needs to be tuned-up.

Maintenance is a preventive service that fends off unnecessary repairs, prevents emergency system breakdowns, and keeps your furnace safe (this is especially true in the case of gas furnaces). Fortunately, you don’t have to work too hard to stay on top of scheduling maintenance. When you enroll in our maintenance program, we’ll be sure to schedule your maintenance appointments with you at your convenience.

At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable–call today, service today!

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