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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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Tips for Boosting Furnace Efficiency This Winter

man looking cold in front of thermostatWinter isn’t too far off now, as unbelievable as that might seem! Chances are once it comes, it will come in fast with chilly temperatures and the need for an efficient heating system. Having a good heating system in place is about more than reliability and effectiveness. You want a heater that will work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our winters are too long and too cold for your comfort and wallet to suffer.

Of course, if something does go wrong with your heater or furnace system, we’re here for quality furnace repair in Edmond, OK. Or even heater replacement. But if you have a newer system and/or you’ve been getting it regularly maintained, then there is a good chance that you don’t have to take such drastic measures to boost your heating system efficiency this winter.

What can you do instead?

Upgrade Your Thermostat

This is a lot cheaper than replacing your furnace, but can make a huge difference just the same! This is a small component, but it’s not a minor one. It is one of the most vital parts of your HVAC systems. It’s the device through which you communicate with your furnace, after all. Upgrading to even the most basic digital thermostat, or even better, a programmable one, can help you start enjoying more affordable heating.

Use Weatherstripping

The heat from your furnace may escape through cracks in your doors and windows. This means that you’ll be losing energy that you’re paying for. You could invest in some affordable weatherstripping caulking at any hardware store to seal your windows and doors, and ensure that the heat in your home stays in your home.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

There aren’t a lot of homeowners that know this little trick. Sure, you know that in the summertime, you can use your ceiling fans to evenly distribute air and help cool down your home even more effectively when combined with your air conditioner. But there’s actually a switch on your ceiling fan that reverses the direction of the fan blades, and allows you this same benefit with your heating system!

Don’t Forget Maintenance

We mentioned this briefly above, but we cannot understate its importance. Scheduling routine tune-ups for your furnace is the best way to ensure it works as efficiently as it’s meant to for as long as it’s meant to. During your furnace tune-ups, our staff fully inspects your furnace for any signs of wear, potential repair needs, or need for adjustments. We also thoroughly clean the system. Each of these steps ensures your heating system works as well as it can—meaning, as efficiently as it can!

For your furnace system, you should be scheduling a maintenance tune-up once a year. If you have a different type of heating system, however, like a heat pump or ductless system, then you should be scheduling it every six months. If you’re ever concerned about problems between maintenance appointments though, don’t hesitate to contact us!

At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable–call today, service today!

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