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“Do I Need Duct Sealing? (And Can I Do it Myself?)”

technician-hands-sealing-ductworkWhen you hear the term “home energy solutions,” what comes to mind? If you’re like many homeowners, it’s your heating and cooling systems. These do, after all, account for over half of a home’s energy use. So you want them to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, right? But your HVAC systems simply cannot perform well if your ductwork is damaged or torn.

If this is the case, you need duct sealing! You may be wondering, “Why would I need to have this done professionally? Can’t I just seal up ducts myself with duct tape?”

Well, no. Duct sealing is not something you can or should do on your own with a roll of duct tape. The reason for this is mainly because duct tape isn’t appropriately named! It’s not actually the right tool for sealing actual HVAC ducts—for this you need the use of professional-grade mastic and the skills of an experienced HVAC technician.

“Should I Really Invest in Duct Sealing?”

The biggest reason to invest in duct sealing is the return you’ll get on that investment. When your ductwork is properly sealed up, it won’t leak air into unoccupied spaces like your attic or crawlspace. This means you’ll save energy and even help extend the life of your HVAC systems. Duct breaches and duct leakage restricts the amount of air that’s supposed to otherwise reach your living space.

When your ducts are suffering, you’ll notice uneven heating or cooling in your home (depending on which system you’re using at the time). Instead of comprehensively heating or cooling your home, leaks will allow conditioned air to escape, like we mentioned above.

Energy and monetary savings are not the only reasons you should invest in professional duct sealing, either. These are very good reasons, but you might also want to keep these benefits in mind:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

There are many contaminants and allergens that can infiltrate your home’s air through a ductwork breach. Anything from dust and pollen to more harmful particulates like landscaping fumes and insulation particles can make your home both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Improved Safety

When you’re using a gas-powered furnace, water heater, or even clothes dryer, combustion gases exit your home through a section of your ductwork called a flue. If you have ductwork tears though, backdrafting can happen. When this occurs, gasses are drawn back into your home rather than being expelled outdoors like they should be.


Want to help the environment? Invest in professional duct sealing! When your ducts are properly sealed up, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to comfortable cool or heat your home. Therefore, you reduce the amount of air pollution that’s generated in the process.

Improved Comfort

Last, but certainly not least, professional duct sealing helps improve your comfort. It allows your heater or air conditioner to work as efficiently and powerfully as it’s meant to, without shutting down prematurely or unsuccessfully reaching the desired temperature on your thermostat.

Need quality home energy solutions in Oklahoma City? Contact our team! At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable—call today, service today!

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