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“How Can I Use My AC System Most Efficiently?”

air-conditioner-outside-unit-sitting-atop-money-on-white-backgroundSummer is here, and there’s no denying that if you aren’t already, you’re going to be using your air conditioner on a daily, and hourly, basis. Now is a great time to think about ways that you can boost your energy efficiency so that you can not only pay less to cool your home, but also reduce the need of needing air conditioning repair in Edmond, OK this summer.

When your air conditioner works as efficiently as possible, you have no reason to worry about costly energy bills. Fortunately, there are many things you can do that cost you little to nothing to actually boost AC efficiency. Keep reading to learn more!

Use Those Ceiling Fans

You may have seen us say before that a fan can’t cool a room on its own. This is true! If it weren’t, we would have no reason for air conditioners, right? What fans do though, is help to better circulate the conditioned air in your home, taking much of the burden off of your air conditioning system, which is a fantastic way to cut down on cooling costs.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Are you using an old, manual slider thermostat? Upgrading to even the most basic digital thermostat with more precise temperature controls will do you good, but it’s even better to invest in a programmable thermostat.

Programmable systems help you create a cooling program based on your personal schedule, so you never have to worry about setting the right temperature, which absolutely matters! Also, just by raising the temperature just a couple degrees above what you normally do can save tons on monthly cooling costs. Many homeowners set their thermostats (unnecessarily) down to about 72°F when most people are comfortable with a 78°F temperature setting!

Change Your Air Filter

Your HVAC system comes installed with an air filter already in place. There’s a common misconception among homeowners that this air filter is in place to protect indoor air quality. But that’s not its main purpose, and a clogged up air filter can create a host of problems for your air conditioner, resulting in low efficiency.

When your air filter becomes too clogged up, airflow into the AC is restricted, making it much harder for the system to even do its job. We suggest changing your air filter every 1-3 months during the cooling season. There should be instructions on how to do so on the filter itself, but please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

Know What Shape Your Ductwork Is In

Did you know that you could lose up to 30% of the conditioned air your cooling system is trying to produce, through faulty and damaged ductwork? Leaks or breaches in the ductwork can significantly lower your energy efficiency, causing your bills to skyrocket unnecessarily.

Be sure to have a professional HVAC technician inspect your ductwork to ensure there is no damage and that they are properly sealed. Ductwork damage can occur due to improper installation and sizing, severe summer temperatures combined with uninsulated ducts, and even rodents in your attic or crawlspace where your ducts live.

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