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Should You Replace Your AC before Next Year?

An old air conditioner unit, in need of updating, sitting in tall weedsAs we progress into fall, you may be thinking about retiring your AC for the season and not looking back. This is probably fine if you had maintenance done before this spring and if your air conditioner showed no signs of needing service over the past few months. But, what if you do need air conditioning repair in Moore, OK? And what if that repair isn’t enough and it’s actually a better idea to replace the system altogether?

We can’t make that decision for you, but we can certainly help you make an educated choice in the manner, and advise you that replacing your air conditioner before next year is a better idea than waiting until next spring and rushing into an HVAC purchase. The following are some signs that it is in fact time to replace your air conditioner:

You Have an Expired Warranty

Your air conditioner warranty financially covers the parts of the AC system for a given amount of time, ensuring that repair costs stay down so long as the warranty is in effect. With routine maintenance and other care steps, most AC systems can last for months or even years after that warranty expires.

However, if the warranty has expired and either of the following two signs of trouble come up, we really do recommend a system upgrade.

Frequent Repair Needs

Air conditioners wear out naturally over time. Even the most well-cared-for air conditioner will succumb to time, eventually. This means that repair needs and their subsequent costs will become more and more frequent.

Any system that experiences more than two breakdowns in a 12-month period may be a candidate for replacement. Another system that might be a candidate for replacement is an aging one where the next repair need is going to cost half of what the system is actually worth.

Climbing Energy Bills

On a similar vein, the cost of running an air conditioner may steadily rise the older and older that system gets. This is an indication of advancing age and multiple worn parts that just can’t do their job as effectively or efficiently as they once did.

Your monthly bills will start increasing, to the point where they can interfere with your ability to keep a reasonable monthly budget. Replacement often means saving a great deal in high monthly energy costs, helping to offset the installation cost of a brand new system.

“Do I Really Have to Replace My System Now?”

You don’t have to do anything. But the reason we recommend looking at your replacement options now is that you’ll be able to enjoy improved savings and efficiency sooner rather than later. There are a number of other benefits to this, too.

For instance, if you do need a replacement system, you will have months to schedule the operation, allowing it to take place at leisure and allowing yourself to explore all your options (for instance, just because you already have a central air conditioner doesn’t mean that’s the type of system you have to stick with).

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