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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and comfortable

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Don’t Put Off Your AC Maintenance Tune-Up Any Longer

outside-air-conditioner-unitThis is the time of year that marks a shift in the weather as we progress into spring and inch closer to the heat of summer. Therefore, now is the perfect time to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Oklahoma City. There are a few basic tasks you can complete on your own when it comes to maintaining your cooling system, like changing your air filter every 1-3 months. But full maintenance that makes an actual difference must be left to the pros!

Only trained technicians can manage the numerous tasks involved with this service, like inspecting motors and electrical connections, as well as cleaning coils and moving parts. You can rely on our staff to provide your air conditioner with top quality maintenance each year.

The Many Ways Maintenance Benefits You

One of the most common questions we get about air conditioning care is if it’s really necessary to have maintenance done every year. The short answer is yes! Maintenance isn’t simply a luxury for an AC. It’s a necessary part of preventing problems, and skipping maintenance one year means you’re more likely to skip it the next, and you can end up with loads of trouble later on down the line. Besides, maintenance benefits your air conditioner by:

Making it More Reliable: With proper maintenance, your air conditioner is less likely to suffer a major operational failure of the summer. Inspections located spots where general wear and tear on the system can lead to breakdowns. We also make adjustments and provide thorough cleaning to further remove potential problems later on. A well-maintained air conditioner lets you enter summer with the confidence that you probably won’t need to make emergency repair calls.

Making it More Energy-Efficient: The buildup of wear and tear on a cooling system causes more strain on its components. This is especially true for the blower motor. This, in turn, creates higher energy bills at the system tries to overcome the extra stress. If an air conditioner has annual maintenance though, it should retain 95% of its efficiency rating throughout its service life.

Helping it Last Longer: Speaking of that service life, most air conditioners should last between 10-15 years before requiring a replacement. But this is only possible if the system has routine professional maintenance done on it. Annual inspections and tune-ups will help an air conditioner give you the best return on initial investment by lasting as long as it’s designed to.

Leaving it with Fewer Repair Needs: If you take good care of your air conditioner through maintenance, you’ll be able to spot small repair needs before they have a chance to grow into a much larger problem and cause a domino effect with other failing components.

Sign Up for our Ultimate Maintenance Program and Save

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling in a maintenance plan is the onus is not on you to remember to schedule service each year. We’ll remember for you, and call you to schedule your tune-up. This isn’t the only advantage of becoming an Ultimate Plan member though!

You’ll also receive:

  • Filters for life
  • Same-day service
  • No overtime charge
  • No diagnostic fee
  • Discounts on Repairs

And much more! We look forward to discussing our maintenance program with you so you can see how you’ll save energy and money.

At Comfort Incorporated, we keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable–call today, service today!

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