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Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Shut Off?

two outdoor units of an air conditioner sitting on a concrete slabConsidering how hot and muggy it’s been in recent weeks, it may seem silly to complain about an air conditioner that won’t turn off. However, this is actually a much bigger problem than you may realize, as it means that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently, and will cause your cooling bills to skyrocket.

Additionally, when you consider how much you spend to cool your home in the summer (HVAC systems account for about half of our utility costs!) it makes sense that you’d like to avoid any problems with your system! We urge to you call for immediate air conditioning repairs Edmond, OK once you realize this is happening. In the meantime, here’s some information on why it happens.

Ice Has Developed On Your Evaporator Coil

Take a look along your indoor evaporator coil. Do you see ice? Homeowners have been known to dismiss this issue, assuming that it’s a natural consequence of the air conditioner cooling down the air. However, it is not. If you see ice on the coil when your air conditioner won’t turn off, it likely means your system is losing refrigerant.

When this happens, your cooling system can’t actually lower the temperature enough to actually complete its cooling cycle, and therefore it will keep running. Refrigerant leaks are something that must be located and repaired by professionals right away, to avoid the detrimental impact it can have on your AC compressor.

Thermostat Issues

The problem might not even be with your cooling system at all, but rather with your thermostat. For instance, the thermostat may have faulty wiring. One of the wires within this component is responsible for turning off the fan and the compressor. If the wire loses its connection, however, the system won’t get the signal to stop running.

Another possibility is that the thermostat is sensing incorrect temperatures and not shutting off when it’s supposed to. Our professionals can pinpoint if this is the issue and take the proper steps to resolve it.

A Dirty Condenser Coil

This AC component is the outdoor coil responsible for dissipating heat to the outside of the house. If dirt builds up on it, heat will be trapped inside the air conditioner, forcing it to continue working to reach its target temperature, which it will be unable to do.

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