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Your Immune System and How Better Indoor Air Quality Can Help

woman wrapped in blanket holding cup of tea, and thermometer in mouthOur weather has been a little wacky lately, with temperatures going from one extreme to the other in a matter of days. What hasn’t changed much, though, is the dry air. When this dry air is combined with the fluctuating temperatures, it can do a number on your immune system, meaning that ultimately it can make you sick.

There’s a common misconception that cold air is what makes people sick, but this is not actually the case. It’s the dry air that attacks your immune system, and dries out your sinuses to make you more susceptible to illness. You can help resolve this problem by having an Oklahoma City, OK humidifier installed, but we’d like to help you understand a little bit more about how your indoor air quality affects your health in the meantime.  

Balancing Your Indoor Humidity

As we mentioned above, low humidity dries out your sinuses, as well as your mucus membranes. This makes you more susceptible to illnesses because it’s easier to catch illnesses. And this time of the year is when our air is the driest. Therefore it’s why people seem to get sick the most during the winter season.

The relative humidity in your home should be above 30%. Anything less than that is too dry. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be above 50%, as this can increase the development and growth of mold and mildew—also a threat to your health. While the former can be resolved with a humidifier, the latter would require a whole-house dehumidifier.

Know Your Indoor Air Quality Options

Balancing your humidity is just the beginning of the story when it comes to staying comfortable, and healthy, within your home through fluctuating winter temperatures. You’ll also want to consider what contaminants may be present in your home, as well as your ductwork. Our team can help you determine what your indoor air quality weaknesses are, and help you find the right mix of products and services to resolve it.

For exceptional indoor air quality services and more, contact Comfort Incorporated today.

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