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One Air Conditioning Maintenance Task You Should Do On Your Own

When it comes to properly maintaining and caring for your air conditioning system, it’s important that you trust the professionals. We have the training and skills necessary to do the job safely and effectively. However, there are a couple of maintenance tasks you should be doing on your own at home in between your Edmonds, OK air conditioner service appointments.

One of these tasks is changing your air filter. This air filter—the one that comes standard with your HVAC system—is there to protect the inside components of your cooling system from dust, dirt, and other debris that can impact its performance. The dust and dirt causes extra friction on components like motors, and can cause icing to happen along the coils.

Where Is the Air Filter?

Depending on what type of air conditioner you have and how your home is set up, the air filter could be in a couple different spots. Typically, if you can find the air handler, then the air filter is on the intake side of the unit. You should be able to easily slide the filter out of a slot to replace or clean it. If you do need help finding it, our HVAC technicians will be happy to assist.

When Should You Change—or Clean—Your Air Filter?

In general, we recommend that you change or clean your air filter every few months, but this depends on AC use and on the type of air filter you have in the system.

For example, if you have a permanent filter—which we don’t recommend due to the risk of mold development—you’ll want to remove and clean it using a garden hose on low pressure every couple of months. Be sure it’s completely dry before placing back into your air conditioner!

Pleated filters are a more expensive type of air filter, and are powerful at filtration. These can typically last every 3-6 months. Then you have panel filters—the most affordable type of air filter. They are very effective at filtering dirt and debris, however they typically do need to be changed once a month during periods of use.

When you’re looking for superior air conditioning services throughout the Oklahoma City area, trust in Comfort Incorporated. We keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable ——- call today, service today.

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