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What is Sick Building Syndrome and How Does it Relate to HVAC?

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In our discussions about indoor air quality, we’ve talked about how air cleaners can protect your family against indoor air pollutants that make you sick.

But let’s step back for a moment and figure out why homes are such a breeding ground for air pollutants and the phenomenon known as sick building syndrome.

How Mother Nature cleans the air

Before we discuss the situation indoors, it’s important to first understand how air pollutants are naturally handled in the air outside.

You see, the same particles, germs and gasses that are found in your home are also found outdoors. The difference is that Mother Nature has a natural system for cleaning all of them.

In fact, long ago when people didn’t live in houses, air quality wasn’t an issue. That’s because particles are controlled by ionization from rain, wind and lightening; germs are controlled by ozone; and gasses are further controlled by lightning and the sun.

What is sick building syndrome?

Obviously, air pollutants in your home can’t be controlled by things like rain, wind and lightening. As a result, there isn’t much fighting against them. This has been further complicated over the past 30-40 years as homes have become tighter and tighter, forcing all of these pollutants to stay locked up in your home.

Illness and health problems that result from poor air quality have become known as sick building syndrome. That’s because our homes become “sick” from all of the pollutants that accumulate in the air, causing many occupants to suffer as a result.

Curing sick building syndrome

The obvious solution for sick building syndrome, which we have been discussing in previous blog posts, is installing air cleaners in your home. Air cleaners have a way of simulating the way Mother Nature handles air pollutants and therefore keeping your home’s air fresh and healthy.

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